Wood-Pellet Boilers

The use of wood pellets as a heat source with time was extended gaining new applications. From the air oven as a single element used for additions to the heating one or two rooms of the house, the market demand is gradually moving towards systems that can integrate with pre-existing domestic electrical installation.


So the choice of wood pellet boiler is dictated by two major sets of factors. Mainly the pellet boiler is able to replace or support the traditional boiler without requiring any modifcation to the existing plumbing. The other factor is the possibility for pellet-fred boiler to integrate perfectly with other energy sources (eg. Solar thermal system for domestic hot water production) maximizing the yield and getting a big cost savings (up to 60% savings heating costs). Will be suffcient for a temperature control change and adapt the control logic and regulate the production of heat, even coming from different energy sources, in relation to the characteristics of the building and habits of the end user.

Automatic Pellet Boilers

The automatic boiler is an innovative product, made with high quality components according to the most modern production techniques comply with European legislation 303-5 for easy connection to central heating systems. The boiler is provided with a burner for pellet able to perform the ignition and the automatic self-cleaning and therefore may run also with pellet of low quality.

The automatic cleaning of the ducts exchange provides an excellent exchange and a high and consistent level of effciency in the boiler. The digital control unit, allows to carry out the control of the level of pellet in the tank. The tank is provided as a standard. The boiler is delivered in pre-assembled parts for easy transport and final assembly only in the technical room of the house. The boiler is equipped with all accessories to ensure safety. The control panel, the electric resistance, the resetting thermostat for safety shutdown, the fan, the grid for cleaning, the cleaning mechanism of the tube bundle and the cochlea are standard.


The steel Pirolitika boilers of nominal power 25-31-45 kW are fueled with wood moisture below 25%, with the principle of pyrolysis fuel is burned completely. The hearth spacious makes possible the feeding with pieces of wood of length up to 500 mm. A load lasts at least 5 hours at full load and you can increase it up to all day working with warming temperatures lower. The boiler can maintain the embers up to 12 hours. It is possible to make the connection of the boiler to the heating system in a direct manner by means of the thermostatic valve 3 way or through the accumulation tanks. With the Pyrolytic boilers in systems with open tank it is necessary to install the accumulation tank, the pump in the circuit of the boiler, the thermostatic valve 3 way, for installation in the heating system closed tank in addition to what is described above is must install thermal safety valve, the protective-ventilation group (2.5 bar) and the expansion tank.


The steel boilers Pirolambda with a thermal input of 25, 31 and 45 kW are fed with wood with moisture below 25%. Through the principle of pyrolysis fuel is burned completely. The spacious freplace makes it possible to feed the boiler with pieces of wood of length up to 550 mm. A load of wood lasts at least up to 5 hours and it is possible to increase it to all day by working with lower temperatures. The boiler can maintain the embers up to 12 hours and the management of the boiler is controlled by the lambda sensor, installed as a standard device, which acts automatically adjusting the actuators of the registers of primary and secondary air and the speed of the smoke aspirator. The boiler is easy to manage, and is provided with a color display that ensures an easy use of the boiler.